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Commercial Growing Media

Modern Mixes is our commercial potting mix division which is accredited with the Nursery & Garden Industry of Australia and offers custom blended potting mixes to the wholesale nursery and landscaping industry.  It is managed by our Business Development Manager, Daniel Gray. Daniel is well known to the Victorian nursery industry with over 15 years of professional growing media experience and holds a Diploma of Applied Science in Horticulture (Burnley). Daniel joined our team in 2012 to expand and develop this business segment of Pinegro to complement our existing retail packaged potting mix division.


Modern Mixes offers a comprehensive service to all our clients with regular onsite consulting with business owners and production managers to establish the best possible potting mix matrix and plant nutrition program for various crops. Our focus is to build close working relationships with our clients to assist them with professional growing advice with emphasis on plant nutrition.


Product range

All commercial potting mixes can be supplied with or without controlled release fertiliser and are available in bulk loads or bulka bags. Minimum order for bulk loads is 5m3.

  • General mixes to suit a broad range of plant types
  • A range of specialty mixes (eg. Citrus, Rose)
  • Native Mixes including  low phosphorus mixes for proteaceous plants
  • Tube mixes
  • Bedding plant , seedling and plug mixes
  • Advanced tree mixes
  • Potted colour mixes
  • Landscape lightweight rooftop garden mixes
  • Raised garden bed mixes (Soilless mixes)
  • Hydrated coir and peat moss
  • Premium composted pine bark grades (Fines, Medium, coarse) to suit all  mix requirements
  • Bio Filter Media


All potting mix batches are thoroughly tested before release for a range of chemical and physical properties.
Quality Assurance


We have an onsite laboratory for in-house testing and customer service and engage the services of an external consultant Mr. Craig Godham to assist with our quality assurance program. Craig is available to assist Modern Mixes with any onsite customer visits and technical advice.


All commercial materials are processed on concrete surfaces.


The commercial composts are Australian Standards compliant and are monitored weekly for a range of physical and chemical properties before release.